Announcing Fund IV

Revelation Partners
November 7

During the fourth quarter, we announced the final closing of our fourth flagship fund, raising $608 million. This fundraise marks a major milestone in our mission to be the premier liquidity and capital provider to the healthcare industry.

Through this fundraise, we have increased our total committed capital base to over $1.5b, yet our core tenants remain the same. We will continue to:

  • Support companies across all subsectors of healthcare that drive innovation and value for patients
  • Serve as a trusted partner for investors, with customized solutions including direct liquidity, continuation vehicles, and other specifically-tailored options
  • Provide capital and liquidity to serve as a “relief valve,” creating alignment in a market that’s constantly growing and evolving

According to NVCA data, over $200 billion has been invested in private healthcare companies over the last three years, but there has been little liquidity generated for those investments. Since the middle of 2021, there have been few successful healthcare IPOs and few private M&A transactions for cash. Against this backdrop, we continue to engage with a wide range of stakeholders across the healthcare space. Our expanded capital base not only enables us to maintain our active investment pace, but in many cases, allows us to increase our commitment to support companies and counterparties.

Expertise that covers the full spectrum of healthcare innovation:

We invest broadly across medical devices, tools and diagnostics, healthcare technology and services, and biotherapeutics. Our team members’ extensive experience across these sectors allows us to get up to speed quickly on opportunities to best support our counterparties. When there is a liquidity or capital need in healthcare, we can be the solution. A few of our recent transactions have:

  • Provided liquidity to several co-founders of a telehealth company
  • Led a growth equity financing for a revenue-stage medtech company
  • Invested in a growth financing of a tech-enabled healthcare services company
  • Provided liquidity to early shareholders of a diagnostic company
  • Provided liquidity to an early investor in a therapeutics company

Companies and Investors on the next iteration of their life cycle

We’re all about supporting growth – as companies scale, they need capital for continued execution and to be well-positioned in today’s exit environment. With our new fund, we are very committed to serving this healthcare ecosystem of innovation by leading or participating in company fundraising activities, either for new or existing portfolio companies.

In addition, we recognize the needs that many investor groups may have in this market. Whether it is providing liquidity for existing funds, recapitalizing and extending the life of funds to maximize value, ensuring adequate reserves for portfolio companies, or realigning their LP base, Revelation Partners creates flexible solutions at scale for capital providers in the healthcare industry.

Alignment for a system that is always changing

All in all, we’re excited about the possibilities our new capital base creates. Our Fund IV will enable us to create new opportunities to drive both growth and alignment in healthcare. With this fresh source of capital, we look forward to supporting the next generation of growth-stage healthcare companies and their investors. For more information on Fund IV, you can read our press release HERE.

For more information about our capital and liquidity solutions, please contact:

Fred Lee

Rob Rein


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